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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Saca in the Wind


My awesome "free"/"borrowed" internet is down at home, so I'm arm-twisted into packing up my baby and its umbilical cord and buying a $4 cup of tea for a couple hours of the wifi commodity that used to be free and easy, on demand. What a bummer!

I saw two things in the last 24 hours that were of note to me.

1 - Last night, on a bus ride home, I saw an otherwise sane-appearing girl with a broom, nudging one of those rolling two-shelf TV carts down the sidewalk. Sweep, roll. Sweep, roll. It was like a parody of that awful Canadian winter sport curling. Or a sly commentary on TV abuse and TV's abuse.

Side note, I was riding the bus home from Most Awesome Summer Event Ever: an outdoor movie showing of "Hairspray" at one of the northside lake beaches. It was also the Gayest Event I've Ever Attended, and I'm including Lilith Fair. Think about it, though: movie musical, pride week, Zac Efron. Who's surprised the gays came out in droves?

2 - This morning before work, while waiting to cross a street, a short bus drove by. In the bus's very last row, two arms raised high above his head, fingers clinging to the window's top, his face pressed against the glass with mouth agape, a special boy. He, I think, was enjoying the ride. His pose was dramatic. He made me smile.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who Knew


I've never really gotten too comfortable with this blog. I don't post here often, so I guess that I don't remember to mention the more colorful inanities that give life that wonderful lived-in feel.

Last week was concert week. We saw Death Cab for Cutie on Tuesday at Millennium Park in the heart of beautiful downtown Chicago. It is a pretty cool venue, but maybe not perfect for a more introspective-ish alternative band like Death Cab.


Here is a picture from the concert that proves that I have two - 2! - friends in Chicago. They are married, and they are about to have a baby just like all the rest of you suckers, but I'm still counting them and counting them separately. Maybe after Lucy comes I'll be able to say that I have three - 3! - friends here. Kyle and Melissa are the coolest. Oh yeah, we went to a James Taylor concert on Friday also, but I didn't take any pictures there.


Now that I'm living in this strange foreign land, I wanted to show you a picture of some canned food that I found in my local import store the other day. How ribald! How outrageous! How microwaveable?!?!


I've been struggling with forgiveness lately. More specifically if or how to create it. In the midst of the complexity and confusion that is a serious romantic relationship arose a situation that I am finding incredibly difficult to deal with. I'm not sure if I can forgive; I'm not sure if I want to forgive. I know that in simpler instances I have been able to choose forgiveness, but that doesn't seem to be an option here. I'm at a bit of an impasse, I guess. The hurt and bitterness grow. Mostly hurt.

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Monday, June 2, 2008


Not a...


Riding the bus home from work the other night. I plopped my butt down in this seat and was immediately taken with the hundred little air bubbles trapped underneath the carelessly applied window tinting beside me. It is a 20 minute ride home, so I let my mind wander. I liked how I could imagine being on an underwater bus, even though the glug-glug aquarium sounds were only in my head. Or how the neighborhoods that we were crawling and lurching through might have been filled with invisible children blowing bubbles: tiny bubbles, large bubbles, siamese twin bubbles fusing and separating. I tried to capture some interesting photos of the bubbles with my phone, but succeeded mostly in just totally confusing the focus and making some fun blurs over the iconery of a couple of deplorable chain stores.





A view of downtown from where the sidewalk of my neighborhood street ends. The weather this time of year reminds me that summer is the only reason that anyone lives in Chicago. Why don't you come for a visit?


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Saugatuck, Memorial Day Weekend

Kevin and I took a little trip across Lake Michigan last weekend for the long holiday. We stayed in one of those picturesque little waterfront villages where affluent bed-and-breakfast 50somethings just love to untuck their shirts. It was great.


We took a room at the Shangrai-La Hotel where our hosts, the Patels, had done just a bang-up job on the shower tile. I took pictures because I hope to replicate it one day in a home of my own.


We hung out on the village green's grass, listened to some gazebo bar band play Jimmy Buffet, and congratulated ourselves on 3 years minus 10 days of togetherness.




We spent a day at Lake Michigan's nicest beach. That's not as easy a title to win as you might think, smartasses. It was too windy to take off your shirt and tan, but perfect kite flying weather. My towel was red, white, and blue to honor our nation's war dead.


A sign.


A sunset.

A very nice getaway.

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Words That I'm Living By - 5/2/2010

Time, as I've known it
Doesn't take much time to pass by me
Minutes into days, turn into months
Turn into years, they hurry by me
But still I love to see the sun go down
And the world go around

Dreams full of promises
Hopes for the future, I've had many
Dreams I can't remember now
Hopes that I've forgotten,
faded memories
But still I love to see the sun go down
And the world go around

And I love to see the morning
as it steals across the sky
I love to remember and
I love to wonder why
And I hope that I'm around
so I can be there when I die
When I'm gone

I hope that you will think of me
In moments when you're happy and you're smiling
That the thought will comfort you
On cold and cloudy days
if you are crying
And that you'll love to see
the sun go down
And the world go around
And around and around

"Around and Around" by Mark Kozelek

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