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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Light a Roman Candle With Me


Jewish pigeons. Hilarious.


Everything's happening very quickly. I just reserved a moving truck. I'm giving my notice at work on Friday. I'm making plans. Stuff is going down. I feel a bit lightheaded. I'm kind of freaking out. Yes, it is a good freaking out, but like I said to Liza on the phone just now, the physical effects are the same. I'm very twitchy.

School is happening. I'm going to be back in the classroom doing what I love - teaching! - in a matter of a few months. This is wonderful.

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annesue April 15, 2010 at 8:27 AM  


scott April 17, 2010 at 4:15 PM  

WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am extremely happy to hear that!

Are you taking a moving truck all the way out West?? If so, we should talk...

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Words That I'm Living By - 5/2/2010

Time, as I've known it
Doesn't take much time to pass by me
Minutes into days, turn into months
Turn into years, they hurry by me
But still I love to see the sun go down
And the world go around

Dreams full of promises
Hopes for the future, I've had many
Dreams I can't remember now
Hopes that I've forgotten,
faded memories
But still I love to see the sun go down
And the world go around

And I love to see the morning
as it steals across the sky
I love to remember and
I love to wonder why
And I hope that I'm around
so I can be there when I die
When I'm gone

I hope that you will think of me
In moments when you're happy and you're smiling
That the thought will comfort you
On cold and cloudy days
if you are crying
And that you'll love to see
the sun go down
And the world go around
And around and around

"Around and Around" by Mark Kozelek

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